hey i'm maple and i just wanna be happy and comfortable in this dumb stupid world we live in

- 19, non binary, any pronouns (he/she/they/it/idiot)

- asperger's syndrome

- it student at college

- this website is basically my huge personal notepad

- tends to think of a lot of ideas that go nowhere

- full time procrastinat-oh look a shoe

- drawing and writing

- img ay,

- nightcore fan. fight me

- bring back miiverse you fucks

- oh, says �fuck� a lot

- might be cute. still up for discussion

- we are sex bob-omb and we are here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff

- rambles a lot

- what the fuck is this bullet point list turning into

- i will Never Log Off

mastodon / twitter / soundcloud / ello / ko-fi

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