helllooooo? is anyone there??

scrapping previous plans. new emergency plan engaged.

operation... actually i'm not sure what to call this. fuck it, we'll come up with a name later lol

let's start thinking of ideas

was talking about plasters earlier. could be cute to ramble about

aah i really wanna make an oc covered in colorful plasters. pretty plasters with cute designs,,,

what if. opinions on movies and stuff i like. been watching through yu gi oh, could talk about that a little.

random thoughts. dumping ground, etc. think of something write it down. you have a phone, use it for something fucking useful for once.

you've been looking at arcade flyers a lot and gaming magazines, maybe share some stuff about those.

maybe use as a micro blog. share cute interactions with friends. is that dumb? i dont think so.

nightcore. talk about nxc and the music you like.

talk about ideas you have and write mini stories. things you enjoy. short, simple things you can write and be done with. free writing? thats an idea that comes up in my mind a lot.

maybe just write things like this, lists of stuff.

what do you like? what do you dislike? what springs up discussion?

abstractness. vauge. let people finish things themselves, let their minds wander for solutions to unsolved scenarios.

you dont have to post things all the time. its okay to take a break every now and again. fucking drill that into your head before you hurt yourself trying to focus on one thing. really, you should be doing coursework rn.

abiword's a pretty good word processor, actually. reminds me a lot of writing in microsoft word 2003 when i was younger, in class. used to do a lot of dumb things there. kinda miss it, but also don't.

simpler times, when all the computers we used were fucking. windows xp. wordart. office 2003 with its ugly but fitting design of grey. silly unreadable fonts we used to pick because they looked cool, and it was the best we could get. blocked youtube forced us to turn to other websites for entertainment. the hunt to find the next unblocked flash games site so that we might become one of those popular kids with all the games. stupid, but fun. simpler. i wish i could go back to it.

i think i'm done for now. time to actually make this fuckin website.

time to restart anew,, i guess.

sunday 15 april 23:38

nigel godrich - love me some walking

let's go back, then.