i tend to think of a lot of things. most of the time, it's useless random crap. sometmes, it's some kind of idea. other times, its musing about current events. regardless, i decided to dump it all in an abstract diary / journal of sorts for a few reasons.

a) as a way to encourage me to write more and document ideas that i'm thinking about to elaborate on in the future.

b) as a way to get these thoughts out of my mind and somewhere people can see them.

c) as a way to keep some form of journal after many failed attempts.

please note - content warning!! generally most of these entrwon't make sense, i talk about anxiety and paranoia problems sometimes. there also might be some violence. additional content warnings are added to articles that need them.


17th may (slight nsfw joke)

16th may

14th may

13th may

12th may

i had notes for 10th may and 11th may but both got deleted by accident while i was trying to set up syncthing :c

9th may

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