i'm hoping to be writing in here a lot today because i'm not at work or college today, which means time to just relax. i did the logo and somewhat base page for the starscape section of my website which is good. gonna go get breakfast. 8:34am.

i wonder if i can light a candle using the heat of a usb stick plugged into my wii overnight

boop bop beep beeep bop boop bip im gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

i think i just lost may 10 and 11's starspace documents trying to set up a syncthing folder... fuck fuck fuck!!!! :<

this is blue

this is blue.

when you only hear one side of the story you start to believe it.

this is blue.

for the full story, cnn international

give me a big beep [edm noises]

this is dvd [frisbee's a dvd case onto a vhs player, clipping it on the edge before crumbling into pieces]. you get four time the dvd than you would on a single dvd. you get sharper dvd and high quality dvd so you can hear everything that dvd can give you. its silver and shiny. you can dvd it like you would a normal dvd. dvd - it's the new dvd.

gay times ahead in light world

i wish i had good ideas sometimes and i wish my computer was n't so bad and small


i've had a song stuck in my head literally all day and i think i've listened to it 30 times today. does this ever happen to you

count olaf has been found dead in miami

just did a drawing for the first time in 297394729488263947385 months. i still suck at it so its like i never stopped drawing

i love you and i want to help you the best i can but i don't know how. i'm sorry.