today the temperature is about 17 degrees of f me sideways with a spoon

people talk too much and i believe we should all just have some time to be silent to ourselves and think about things and maybe just exist y'know

work again today, need to ask about when i get paid because we're sorting out bank account stuff and i'm slowly learning about how banks work and how to use them

there's this one advert on my way to work at a bus stop that reminds me of a ritza smoking thing, idk what they're actually called. the little paper things you wrap stuff around??

already i'm writing in here a lot more than past few days so yeah i think work days are gonna be much more dumping productive

the signs outside work have so heavily pixelated images like holy shit could you *not* find any higher quality images??? pixabay??? anything??? come on

my brain likes to make me think bad thoughts about being an inconvenience all the time. how do i get a new brain

when my brain isnt being bad today its thinking about the sega dreamcast adverts and how cool they are because they are very much cool and kinda y2kish (the first ones before launch are, anyway)

work isnt so bad tbh i like it quite a lot