dunno what to call this series. mush? mush. it's like,, a mushy pile of random thoughts i crap out of my head sometimes. it's something to write at least, to make me feel like i'm doing something. i guess i can make this into a bit of an update as well.

i'll start with update stuff. i've been working on a few articles about things - one is sky active, a service on sky top boxes that could have helped to set up the future of how we use technology. the other is on dancing stage, the european variant of the dance dance revolution video game that added many differences to the series, and a bunch of problems i have with it. i nearly had the sky active one completed but stupidly didn't save so uh i'll have to do that again ;v;

i've also got a lot of ideas that i've been working on slowly. let's just say i won't be running out of content anytime soon.

right now i'm just sitting in class being bored. the past few days have been spent watching uk vhs trailer reels on youtube. i remember when i was younger owning tons of vhs tapes that i was never allowed to actually watch - most were horror or action films. occassionally though i was able to sneak in watching the adverts that played at the start. for some reason these were what really interested me with vhs tapes - i've always had somewhat of an advert obsession and i can�t even remember where it comes from. but it's there! and it's something i enjoy a lot. i might talk about some of the trailers in these reels at some point.

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